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American Swag!

American Swag

Captain America fighting for those Stars and Stripes for fashion

In the words of +Lana Del Rey.. ."I'm your National Anthem boy, put your hands up give me a standing ovation"

What's The Deal?

The American flag has become somewhat of a fashion trend now. Stars such as +Lana Del Rey and +Lady Gaga sport the flag on clothing and in their videos marking fashion trends which have now been adopted and put onto the shelf in popular clothing stores. +American Style

+Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ© working those stars and stripes in the Telephone video

Lana Del Rey riding gracefully with the American Flag in her hands in the Ride video

The red, white and blue colours along with the the stand out stars and stripes on the flag make the American flag somewhat of an eye catching move for clothing. The flag is now seen on items such as hats and belts to vests, jumpers and shorts. Here we will look at the different styles featured in men's clothing.

What Looks Work?

Some looks which have the American Flag include:


American Flag T-Shirt
American Flag T-Shirt
Red T-Shirt With American Flag

American Flag T-Shirt
Grey T-Shirt With The American Flag In Colour
Topman - £20

Guns N' Roses T-Shirt
Guns N' Roses American Flag T-Shirt

Starting with t-shirts, The red, white and blue colours blend nicely with whatever base colour there is, whether it is a black, white or grey. These t-shirts are ready for everyday use all year round so customising it with a shirt/cardigan or pair of braces can really make an outfit that extra special/important for standing out. Styles from +Topman and +River Island


American Flag Vest
Black and White American Flag Vest
Topman - £16

American Flag Vest
Dirty American Flag Vest
River Island - £14

American Flag Vest
White Vest With Black and White American Flag Pattern

Stars and Stripes Vest
Stars and Stripes Vest
Vests are great for rocking in the summer or under an unbuttoned shirt. Offering variety from colour to black and white. The pattern of the American flag really complements an outfit whether strolling down the road on a Summers day or hitting the clubs. Styles from +Topman

American Flag Shorts
Stars and Stripes Denim Shorts


The shorts which are most likely inspired by Gaga's Telephone video, and toned down for the men of the world really offer a stand out, but very cool and simple fashion statement.  Great for a hot day to walk around in.


American Flag American Apparel Denim Jacket
Front and Back Denim American Flag Jacket

American Apparel Model (Separated At Birth)
American Flag American Apparel Denim Jacket
Back View Of Denim Jacket (Booty Tooch)

One of my favourite items on the list. This denim jacket from +American Apparel is a really cool jacket to own. From the front it is a simple denim jacket but on the back is a coloured American Flag which takes up nearly the entire back of the jacket.


American Flag Converse
USA Flag All Star Converse - Office
These converse are limited edition and there is a reason for that. You want to be the only one wearing them for miles! The stars go up under the laces while the red and white stripes go across the sides of the shoe. These are extremely comfortable and if you find a pair.. snap them up quick. +office shoes

Other Fashion Items/Accessories:

American Flag Beanie
Stars and Stripes Bobble Beanie Hat


American Flag Onesie
American Flag Onesie
New Look - £24.99

American Flag Long Johns
Long Johns/Onesie Black and White American Flag

American Flag Shorts
American PJ Bottoms/Shorts - Topman

As well as t-shirts/shorts and shoes,  accessories play a very important roll in wanting to stand out. If you are lounging at home there is a onesie for looking cool/staying warm. Running to the shop first thing in the morning could never look cooler. I have recently come across making long johns into an outfit. This is simply done with wearing a pair of shorts over them so that the stars and stripes are visible underneath. Other cool items to make your outfit that extra bit swaggy are beanie hats, scarfs and belts. All can make an outfit that extra bit stylish.

Final Thoughts:

The American flag print of stars and stripes. mixed with the red, white and blue colours really gives fashion a stand out statement to rock. From Vests to hats the pattern and style the flag offers is a really cool way to stand out and get noticed.

Till next time... "I'll be your National Anthem boy, put your hands up give me a standing ovation"

Thanks Lana

American Swag

Ciaran Dunne
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