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90's Style

90's Style

Now this is a story all about how my wardrobe got flipped, turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the fashion prince of a town called Bel-Air London!

What's The Deal?

Growing up in the 90's as a kid was awesome! The 90's gave rise to the +Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, The Spice Girls, The Power Rangers, Slap Watches, Goosebumps, +Buffythe Vampireslayer, +Quentin Tarantino and of course the princess of pop +Britney Spears.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Hit Me Baby.... One More Time
Saved By The Bell
Pulp Fiction
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

The 90's also made way for a new sense of fashion. Exploring a mix of bright colours, styles, denim and patterns, the 90's was definitely a way to dress and stand out.

What Looks Work?

Here we will explore different looks and styles for men.


Comic slang was a big part of 90's form such series like Batman and Kids programmes. Adopting these phrases and attaching them to an item of clothing really gives a 90's feel about it, along with the bright colours to enforce the words.

Topman - £18

Ciaran Dunne Model
"Pow" Smacks Swag in the face!


The 90's funky patterns, shapes and bright colours are back! Using a minimum of 3 colours which compliment each other, and a variety of different shapes allows the Saved By The Bell/Fresh Prince era to come back in form and look stylish and slick rather than dated and uncool.

Topman - £28

Topman Fashion - 90's Style
Bright colours and shapes

Topman Fashion - 90's Style
Fresh Prince of Swag

Topman - £30


Jumpers, during the 90's, were pretty plain but effective. Using a plain colour as a base, and putting bright and different coloured shapes together allows for a unique retro feel. Kids cartoons such as Disney also played a big part of the 90's. As a kid you wanted your favourite Disney character on your jumper. Jump forward 20years and now you can get your fave Disney characters back on your jumper and have a reminisce about the good old days of the 90's while looking cool.

Topman Fashion - 90's Style
Fun House 
Topman - £28

Fresh Prince Approves Of The Pattern

Disney at Topman - 90's Style
Disney Swagger
Topman - £28


The long hot days of the Summer were a chance to get the legs out and show off those stylish quirky shorts. Using bright colours either for walking down the beach or down the street, gives a quirky retro but still modern feel.

Topman Style - 90's Style
Bringing a retro feel to a Summers Day

Topman - £30

Topman - 90's Style
Gym Shorts/Swimming Shorts/Casual Wear
Topman - £22


Rockin' denim has been seen pretty much throughout different fashion eras. The 90's hailed a way for dungarees/overalls. Pull this look off with a quirky retro 90's shirt and cap to give your look that full 90's look. Another look which has reemerged from the 90's are animal print styles. Justin Bieber to LMFAO has all but brought back Animal print style.

Peace Out Dungarees
Topman - £54

Dungarees Rock!
Fresh Prince Rocking Dungarees

Animal Print Pants Out of Control!
Topman - £36.99

+Justin Bieber working the animal print pants


Big in the 90's has been denim but also the American College Letterman Jacket. This is a cool mix from the 90's which can be worn any time of year and looks super hot and fly.

CD Yeah You Know! Me Letterman Jacket
Saved By The Bell/Bieber Rocking The Letterman Jacket


Cool shoes which really rock the 90's look are Blazers and High Tops. Bright colours along with the retro sponge material and worn effect discoloured effect really make these vintage looks come back and stand out.

Nike Purple Blazers

Office - £69.99

In Conclusion:

Overall the 90's made a great triumph in a number of places and one of those places is fashion. Being able to remember a time you grew up in and couldn't appreciate until you are older is a great feeling to have and a great homage to a great time in life. +Mens Fashion Tips +Modelling Portfolio/Profile +Stylistpick +Topman +Mens Fashion Magazine (MFM) +Stylistpick +Male models and photographers at +Male Models

Ciaran Dunne

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