Friday, 22 March 2013

All Things Leopard!!!

The Leopard Print!

Calling all fans of +Men's Fashion and +Mens Style . It's taken me a while but I have finally given into the leopard print style. IT ROCKS!!!!

What Is A Leopard & What Makes It Work For Fashion?

I tell you what I want, what I really really want.. is for leopard print to no longer mean Scary Spice.

"It was the 90's! Move on!"

As much as we love Scary and her Leopard print, it is time a new generation comes about without having the Scary Spice Stigma attached. So what is a leopard? The leopard is a fierce creature and known for being an agile predator. Fashion is about wanting to stand out and make people look at you and want to be daring and brave to wear what you are wearing. Like the leopard, if you wanna attack your fashion then you need to be as fierce as the Leopard and attack your wardrobe with grace.

Pretty Cute, Huh?

Being a guy and opting to wear leopard print is pretty crazy but if you have confidence and can rock it then give it shot, because it looks A-MAZE-INGGGGGGG

What Looks Work?

Some leopard print looks include:


Ciaran Dunne Model Fashion
Leopard Print T-Shirt Swagger and Grey Print

Topman - £18
Topman - £20

T-Shirts go with everything and are usually worn with anything. Under a cardigan or jumper or out on a Summers day. Good look to show off those guns you have been working on.


Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Short Sleeve and Long Sleeved Shirts
River Island - £28

New Look - £14.99

Shirts can be worn as casual and formal wear. Bring the leopard print out to give your outfit that needed boost to stand out at any party/event/hang out. Find these looks from +New Look +Topman and +River Island 


Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print Hoodie
Topman - £34.99
This hoodie kicks ass! It merges the classic leopard print colours and pattern and blends it into a blue colour dip dye effect and instantly makes it unique. It is also warm so very handy for those cold nights. +Topman is rocking the leopard print.


Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print Bomber Jacket

Topman - £65.99
The Leopard Print Bomber Jacket is 100% cotton so extremely comfortable and warm. This jacket is perfect to catch someones eye or to turn heads as it's unique and limited edition offering means only the daring and brave will own it.


Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print Joggers
Topman - £36.99
The Leopard Print Jogging Bottoms are perfect for lazing around the house or for working out. The material is extremely comfortable and what a statement they make. Again another bold choice of clothing to wear but what are you to do when +BiebeR FeVeR hits rocking the same style joggers as well? Go HARD or Go HOME!!!

Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Ciaran Style!!
Ciaran Dunne Fashion Justin Bieber
Bieber Style!!
Fierce to the MAX!!!


Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print AllStar Converse
Leopard Print Converse
Office - £74.99

Risky Business!

Allstars, Allstars, step right up!!! No leopard print collection is complete without these bad boy +Converse Trainers. Leopard print all over, black laces and to add an extra edge to the already fierce shoes, the converse are covered with studs along the sides and down the spine of the shoes. Stepping out in these bad boys will make people take notice that you know your swag. Get the look from +office shoes 


Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print Bag
Topman - £26.99
This Leopard Print bag is a different colour to the standard leopard print you see. This gives it a stand out feel and makes it a bit more manly in terms of rocking the leopard print. It is a cool accessory to have when wanting to look edgy/cool/fierce.

Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print Rimmed Sun Glasses
Topman - £10
Sunglasses are a must have for when the sun is out. Even when it is cold, if the sun is out get the shades on and rock a swag look.

Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Leopard Print Beanie Hat From Hype - £19
Ciaran Dunne Fashion Model
Spiked Leopard Print Cap From Urban Outfitters - £45
Hats can be worn to make most outfits edgy and cool. Cold or hot, these hats can be rocked any time of year. 

Celebs Rocking The Leopard Print:

Drake Rocking a Grey/Black Bomber Jacket
+Justin Bieber Web Justin Bieber Rocking Purple Leopard Print Joggers

+Kanye West  Rocking Leopard Print Jacket

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, Leopard print fashion is a really cool way to stand out and get noticed from the crowd. When you rock the Leopard, everyone needs to part and let you walk past because you mean business!


Ciaran Dunne
Twitter: @ciarandunne86
Instagram: ciarandunne86

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